Coast Swimming in the UK

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Millions of the UK citizens travel round the world each year with an aim to find and enjoy the most beautiful beaches and coast swimming without being aware of the hidden gems that are awaiting to be discovered along the UK’s coastline. It is home to countless breathtaking beaches which can easily rival the world’s most famous destinations including the most exotic ones, over 1000 islands most of which are not inhabited by people, spectacular caves, impressive cliffs and a wealth of other natural features which make coast swimming in the UK an unforgettable experience.

Every coast is special, however, there are not many countries which would have as diverse and long coast as the UK. One favourite spot is Cornwall where many people enjoy holidays in the South West. The coastline of Great Britain alone is according to the Ordnance Survey 11,073 miles long which is more than the coastlines of Italy, Spain and France together. But if larger islands are added to the UK’s coastline, it is even longer than Greek coastline which is mostly made up of islands. The UK’s coastline offers perfect coast swimming for just about everyone and every taste as it offers countless sandy beaches, resort towns as well as hidden gems which can be found only with the help of the locals. In addition, you do not need more than 70 miles to reach the coast no matter in which part of the UK you live.

Besides offering an unforgettable coast swimming experience, the UK’s coast also offers the opportunity to enjoy a wealth of other water activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, snorkelling, diving, sailing, etc. Other activities that are often enjoyed on or near the UK’s coast include hiking, bicycling, golf, rock climbing, etc. as well as visiting the nearby natural wonders and historical monuments, while popular seaside resort towns also offer a vibrant night life, outstanding culinary experience especially for seafood-lovers and excellent shopping opportunities.


Since the UK’s coastline is one of the longest and most diverse coastlines in the world, it is a good idea to make some prior research in order to find a beach which meets your preferences the most. You can find a wealth of useful information on the Internet as well as our guidelines to the coasts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. But please keep in mind that our guidelines as well as other online coastal guides are read by millions of people. The most spectacular beaches for coast swimming are also the most visited ones, especially those that are found in online coastal guides.

As already mentioned earlier, the only way to find the hidden gems is to ask the locals for help. However, they are not always willing to share a piece of paradise with other people or do not want to reveal their favourite spots out of fear that they may become a tourist magnet once the word is out. So if you really want to enjoy coast swimming on yet undiscovered beaches, the locals need to know that their secret is safe with you. Also, respect their wishes and keep your word if you have promised not to tell anyone about their hidden gems.